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Get The Best Steps For Cudy Router Login

Cudy Routers have become the most used routers now. Due to the ease of use and the features that they have on offer, these routers have become the most preferred ones in the market. It is important to learn the steps that go into setting up the router by logging in to the router and more. In order to proceed with cudy router login, you would need the IP of the router, the username and the password.

Cudy Router Login Steps

  • Open your internet browser and enter 192.168....

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Cudy ac1200 Router Installation on Android/iOS:

    • Open your phone’s settings and then tap on the option Wi-Fi.
    • A list of available networks will appear on your mobile screen, look for your Cudy router’s network name.
    • You will get details about the Cudy network name and password in its user manual.
    • Tap on your router’s SSID and connect to it with the network password.
    • Now, open a browser and visit page. Or you can type the Cud....

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Cudy 750 Setup Using WPS Method

Here’s how to perform the cudy wifi extender setup process:

  • Plug in the Cudy range extender and turn it on.
  • Once turned on, the Wi-Fi Led on the extender will turn on.
  • Now, press the WPS button on the device for at least 2-4 seconds.
  • Within two minutes, you need to press the WPS button on your Cudy router.
  • Your Cudy extender will restart.
  • Now, check the status of the WAN LEDs, they should stay solid on which means ....

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